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Identity | Stereotyping | Diversity | Culture | Language

Assistant Professor of Marketing
University of Washington-Seattle Foster School of Business

Co-Founder and Executive Member
The Tenure Project

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Select Awards and Recognition

Rhodes Scholar

AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow

Association for Consumer Research Best Working Paper Award

Eli Jones Promising Research Award

Ilana Shanks Emerging Research Award Honorable Mention

Wharton George James Fellowship

AMA Valuing Diversity Award

IU Herman B Wells Scholar

McNair Scholar


Marketing (PhD)

The Wharton School of Business

University of Pennsylvania

Nature, Science, and Environmental Policy (MSc)

Oxford University

Merton College

Dissertation Title: The Stigmatized Consumer: Role of Language and Diversity on Consumer Behavior

Dissertation Title: Close Examination of Political Geography and Race in The Wire

Chemistry and Mathematics (BA)

Indiana University 

summa cum laude

IU McNair Scholar of the Year

Phi Beta Kappa


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